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          Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said in  John 13:15 "  No one has greater love than this: to lay down his life for his friends"

               When one chooses to serve his/her county the verse above has a very special meaning especially to Veterans.

        Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it… it flies with the last breath of each soldier and veteran who died                                                                                                     protecting it

                               Below is a list of Bartow County Veterans that has transfered to the Post Everlasting


                                                   Deceased Veterans of Bartow County May 19, 2019 - May 20, 2020

Leland Harvey Thompson 

Charles Edward Jefferson 

Lewis H. Hickom

Willard Bowden

Joseph R. White

Robert Chastine

Thomas D. Porter

Donald Larry Poston, Sr.

Billie Roscoe Brugh

Willard Bowden

James Carter Garlin

Lindsey Harold Scott

Willie Cabe, Jr.

Ron Baker

Thomas Jackson Worley

Jerry A Freeland

Albert Sorrow

Charles L. Thacker

Bobby Joe Adams

Thomas Michael Black

Ronald Dewayne Jackson

Howard Withrow

Ray Fraser Ellis, Sr.

Mark Penalize

Clyde Turner

Willie Cabe, Jr.

Donals Larry Poston, Sr.

William D. Bradford

Tony Eugene Leonard

Thomas Edward Waller

Herbert Meadows

Pantaleon “Leonard” Guerra

Robert Lee Moultrie

John G. Owens

James McConnell, Jr.

Robert Edward Smith

Christopher James Stephens ll

Warren D. Ellis

Jeffery L. Kimbra

 Joseph Grant Howell

Richard Lillie

William C. Lowery

Pete Robert Bacas

John M. Burch

Sarah Barnes

Larry Reese Smith

Herbert Bryans

Lee Nelson McLin

Rev. Harold J. Dale

David R. Peace

James Kiser

Garry Simpson

Charles Bennett

David Shepherd

Wilburn L. Epps

Kenneth Clyde Wade

Paul W. Collins

Willie R. Elrod

Paul L. Woodring

Charlie Fain Boswell

William Dees Edgar

Ernest A. Brown

Dennis Ray Wolk

Gerald Hillhopuse

Lindsey McDonnell, Jr.

John Gray Trimble, Jr.

Clyde W. Carter

Jackie RogerCleckler

David L. Seanor

Samuel M. Freeman

George B. Brumbelow, Jr.

Roger Lee Sweat

Charles Ray Gibson, Sr.

Richard Allen Pascoe

James Howard Shelton

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