Carl Boyd Post 42

Post Officers
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Kris Dittrich  770-546-6703


Donovan Tucker  770-843-7306

Senior Vice Commander:

Patrick Woodall 770-500-0316

Vice Commander Post:

Coy Stewart  770-5486369

Vice Commander Media Relations:

Phil Tullar  770-742-5546

Service Officer:

Robert Turner 770-387-3746

Finance Officer:

Stephen Turner 281-919-8301

Chaplain and Historian:

Joseph Logan  618-303-2293

Honor Guard Captain:

Jack Pierce 770-334-2018

Judge Advocate:

Michael Schwartz (770) 689-8844

Sergeant at Arms:

D. Chris Deising (443) 794-6732

Assistant Sergeant at Arms:

Roland Watts (770) 382-9465