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The Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson
Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act of 2022
is a new law that expands VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxic
substances. This law helps us provide generations of Veterans and their survivors
with the care and benefits they’ve earned and deserve.

PACT Act Key Components

The Act expands and extends eligibility for VA health care for Veterans with toxic exposures
and Veterans of the Vietnam era, Gulf War era, andPost 9/11 era.  The VA will improve the decision making processfor determining what medical conditions will be considered for presumptive status.Every enrolled Veteran will receive an initial toxic exposure screening and a follow up screeningevery five years. Veterans who are not enrolled, but who are eligible to enroll, will have an opportunityto enroll and receive the screening.
VA health care staff and claims processors willreceive toxic exposure related education and training.

The Act requires research studies on the mortalityof Veterans who served in Southwest Asia during
the Gulf War; Post 9/11 Veteran health trends; and Veteran cancer rates. The Act will help VA build a stronger, more skilled
workforce to meet the growing demand for benefits and services. The Act authorizes 31 new facilities across the
country, providing greater access to VA health care.

Gulf War Era and Post 9/11 Eligibility

On or After August 2, 1990:
▪ Bahrain
▪ Iraq
▪ Kuwait
▪ Oman
▪ Qatar
▪ Saudi Arabia
▪ Somalia
▪ The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

On or After September 11, 2001:
▪ Afghanistan
▪ Djibouti
▪ Egypt
▪ Jordan
▪ Lebanon
▪ Syria
▪ Uzbekistan
▪ Yemen

Conditions Presumed to be Service Connected

Asthma (diagnosed after service)
Brain cancer
Chronic bronchitis
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Chronic rhinitis
Chronic sinusitis
Constrictive bronchiolitis or obliterative bronchiolitis
Gastrointestinal cancer of any type
Granulomatous disease
Head cancer of any type
High blood pressure 

Kidney cancer
Lymphomatic cancer of any type
Lymphoma of any type
Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance 
Neck cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Pulmonary fibrosis
Reproductive cancer of any type
Respiratory (breathing related) cancer of any type

Interstitial lung disease 

As of August 10, 2022, a long list of new conditions are presumed to be service
connected due to various in service toxic exposures. APPLY NOW at to expedite your claim and benefits.

Special Enrollment Period – October 1, 2022 - October 1, 2023
for Post-9/11 combat Veterans who separated or discharged between September 11, 2001 and
October 1, 2013. Enrollment is free, there are no annual costs, and care may be free as well!